Charter Township of Fort Gratiot

New Municipal Center

CHMP was commissioned in the summer of 2013 to evaluate the Charter Township of Fort Gratiot space needs for the Township offices, Fire Department, and Sheriff’s offices. Following completion of a comprehensive review of the existing facility and detailed planning effort which included an evaluation of several options, the final design consisted of a new 21,000 s.f. Township Municipal Center that would be constructed on the existing Township Hall site allowing the Township to continue operations in the existing facility during construction. This allowed a smooth transition into the new facility followed by demolition of the existing buildings and conversion of the vacated areas into additional parking.

The new design features a grand entrance lobby with a nautical themed clerestory tower; an efficient office layout providing customer friendly access to all departments; drive through bays for the Fire Department’s trucks; and many other improvements. Contracts were written to use local contractors and allow the Township to purchase materials in a tax saving measure. Energy efficiency was a top priority and included all LED lighting and Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) heat pumps for the heating and cooling systems. Rebates were secured from the local utility companies as a result of the highly energy efficient lighting and heating systems selected.