Flint Institute of Music

Flint, Michigan

Project Summary Points:


23,000 Gross Square Feet Addition

  • additional musical instruction classrooms
  • student lounge/afterglow area
  • new administrative offices.

Renovation and remodeling of 43,000 Gross Square Feet

  • musical instruction classrooms
  • administrative offices and recital hall.

Acoustical Improvements

The renovation and upgrade of the existing facility to meet the requirements of the Michigan Department of Labor “Barrier Free”.

The renovation and upgrading of the existing mechanical and electrical systems to meet current codes and to provide a more efficient operation.

The expansion and renovation of the Flint Institute of Music accommodates the current demand and anticipated growth of the facility. The renovations of the existing facility include upgrading the interior finishes and improving the acoustics of the instructional studios and recital hall. The renovations include upgrading the interior finishes of the corridors, toilet rooms and faculty lounge. “Barrier Free” renovations will ensure that the physically disadvantaged have complete access to all of the facilities in the existing building.

The new addition provides space for individual instruction as well as larger spaces to accommodate large and small group recitals. The existing Children’s Daycare was relocated in the new addition with increased classroom space and a larger outdoor play area within the enclosed courtyard. The new addition includes the expansion of the present student lounge. The lounge is also used for special functions of the Institute. The use of a structural glass curtain-wall system and exterior brick as an interior finish within the student lounge creates an outdoor/indoor connection between the lounge and the new garden courtyard. The new garden courtyard features a water fountain in a free-form exterior sidewalk design. The design of the sidewalk is reflected in the floating suspended ceiling and matching pattern in the flooring material.