Genesee Academy

Elementary School and Mosque (Flint Islamic Center)
Flint, Michigan

Project Summary Points:

New Facility for Worship & Elementary School, 16,000 s.f.

CHMP Incorporated:

  • Compliance with Building Codes Covering Two Distinctly Different Uses
  • Functional Space Use Maximization
  • Circulation Space Minimization
  • Aesthetic Exterior Features at Minimum Expense

Gymnasium, Two Classrooms & Library Added (13,000 s.f.)

This new facility was designed to serve as a place of worship for the Flint Islamic Community and as an elementary school. As a result of this dual purpose use and a limited budget, the design effort required maximizing the efficiency of occupied spaces  by  providing  as  many  shared spaces as possible while also minimizing required circulation.  The gymnasium, a small kitchen, and the administration were all positioned to allow use by both the school and the mosque.

Compliance with two sets of distinctly different canons in addition to the State of Michigan Fire Marshal rules and regulations were required throughout the design process.

Additional cost saving efforts were focused on the selection of the building structure and finish materials.  The building exterior consisted of an exterior insulation finish system over concrete masonry with decorative ceramic tile accents around the Mosque.

CHMP designed an addition composed of six classrooms in March of 1997. 

CHMP designed yet another addition including a second gymnasium, two more classrooms and a library.