Genesee School District

Genesee Township, Michigan

Project Summary Points:

Master Planned Phase I of a Multi-Phased Project

  • Completed physical assessment of existing site & building
  • Programmed current & future space needs
  • Surveyed voters to determine tax increase they would support
  • Developed Master Plan for existing site
  • Developed Phase I Plan
  • Prepared Bond application to Michigan School Bond Loan Program
  • Secured approvals


CHMP was retained by the Genesee School District back in the Summer of 1998 and began the design effort with a complete Site & Building Assessment of their current facilities.  This assessment documented all building and site deficiencies discovered with regards to current building codes and physical conditions of these existing facilities including associated costs for correcting the problems identified.  Upon completion of the assessment, the Owner directed us to begin establishing program requirements in resolution to existing space deficiencies.  With receipt of the approved building program, CHMP developed a Master Plan responding to both current and projected future space needs.  This Master Plan was then reviewed for implementation of Phase One Construction.  Phase One Construction was established in response to budget restraints and highest priority needs.  Phase One Construction included building additions for elementary classrooms, high school classrooms, office areas, and a new gymnasium/locker room facilities.  CHMP provided assistance to the Owner in preparing for the Bond Issue and upon approval of the Bond Issue, we immediately prepared the bidding documents in preparation of a spring construction start-up.  The project was bid and accepted within the Owner’s budget.