Hydrogen Production and Fueling Station

Mass Transportation Authority
Flint, Michigan

The Flint Mass Transportation Authority (MTA), which is committed to improving its transportation fleet’s fuel efficiency, is proposing to build a hydrogen production and fueling station on the vacant property south of the existing MTA Vehicle Training and Storage Facility at 5051 Dort Highway, Grand Blanc Township.  This is a two Phase project with the MTA working with MotoTech LLC and Kettering University to conduct research and a pilot program for alternative vehicular fuels.  In addition to hydrogen, this project includes compressed natural gas (CNG) and liquid petroleum gas (LPG).

Phase I involves production and dispensing of all the fuels for MTA’s exclusive use.  This will be accomplished by the physical expansion and selective alteration of site services at the existing Vehicle Training and Storage Facility.

In Phase II, MTA and the Design Team will work to provide a public fueling station along Dort Highway with a full offering of alternative gaseous fuels plus electric charging stations.  To strengthen cooperative effort with the educational community, this phase will also include a state-of-the art research and education building.