U.S. General Services Administration

Flint Federal Building Lobby Improvements
600 Church Street, Flint, Michigan

CHMP was commissioned by the General Services Administration (GSA) to design improvements to the existing Flint Federal Building Lobby. Improvements were to improve circulation and security and upgrade the aesthetics as part of the “first impressions” concept being implemented in federal buildings nationwide. Ceilings were replaced with a new coffered patterned ceiling with a combination of coved perimeter lighting and decorative pendant fixture. Existing terrazzo floors were refinished and wood wainscoting was installed on all wall surfaces. A new security booth was centrally designed and included security glazing and a raised access floor. The work was completed during non-occupied office hours with temporary provisions made to keep the lobby functional during the occupied hours of operation.


Region V (Detroit Office) U.S. General Services Administration

Supplemental Architect/Engineer Services Contract 2002 - On-Going

Federal Building, Ann Arbor, MI

  • Ann Arbor Federal Center Commissioning Services Project Funded by Federal Stimulus Bill
  • Project Tasks: Evaluate and Upgrade AHU Motors; Energy Saving Technology Additions to Air Handlers; Boiler Replacements; Environmental Controls Integration; Exhaust Louver Upgrades; Exterior Vestibule Replacement; other Building System upgrades; Lighting System Upgrades (Daylight Harvesting, Dimmable Ballasts)
  • Rosa Parks Federal Building; Flat Roof Replacement; 2010

Hart-Dole-Inoouye Federal Building, Battle Creek, MI 2010-2011

  • Storm Drain Improvements which included new storm sewers, catch basins, and cleanouts, replacing concrete paving and concrete ramp, and landscaping.
  • Parking Lots #2 and #7 Improvements which included new concrete curbing, porous and bituminous paving, drainage piping, concrete walks and paint striping; 2011.

Kalamazoo Post Office & U.S. Courthouse Building, Kalamazoo, MI; 2009

  • Renovations and Upgrades; Approx. $250,000

Theodore S. Levin U.S. Courthouse, Detroit, MI; 2003-2011

  • Special Proceeding Courtroom involving Historic Preservation: space planning & design per “U.S. Courts Design Guide”, 2003-2004 (Constructed 2004), $875,000 Construction Costs.
  • Grand Assembly/Automation involving space planning & design: 2005-2006 (Constructed 2006), $800,000/Approx. Construction Costs.
  • Mail Room Upgrades: 2005-2006 (Constructed 2006), $250,000/Approx. Construction Costs.
  • Exterior Renovations (Masonry, Ramps, Steps, Entrances): 2004, Masonry Improvements On-going/2007, $700,000/Approx. Construction Costs.
  • Federal Judges’ Chambers Remodels: 2004-2005 (Constructed 2005), $910,000 Construction Costs.
  • New Fitness Center-Feasibility Study: 2004/2005
  • Elevators 9 & 12 Modernization: 2011

Flint Federal Building, Flint, MI; 2003-2007

  • 2nd Floor Remodel: 2004/2005 (Constructed 2005), $800,000 Construction Costs.
  • Flat Roof Replacement: 2005/2006 (Constructed 2006), $268,000 Construction Costs.
  • First Impressions Lobby Renovations - Approx. 1500 Square Feet, Completed in 2010
  • Chiller Upgrades; 2010
  • Boiler & Heating System Upgrades; 2010-2011

Gerald R. Ford Federal Center Plaza Renovations, Grand Rapids, MI; 2006-2009

  • Replacement of Waterproof Membrane on Underground Parking Structure; Updating of Landscape with Concrete Grid Pattern; Two Acres; $1.9MM; 2006

U.S. Marshals Office/Gerald R. Ford Federal Center - 7th Floor; 2009

  • Renovations; $553,000 Est./$595,000 Construction Bid

Paul V. McNamara Federal Building, Detroit, MI; 2003-2006

  • Homeland Security Vehicular Barricades Project: Surveying, Landscape Architecture, Design Services, Construction Administration, $700,000,  Constructed 2004.
  • Office of Immigration Courtroom Relocation: 4th Floor - Four New Courtrooms, Full Design Services, $1,069,000, 2006.
  • State-of-the-Art Conference Center; Basement Bathroom, & Lounge: 2011

Charles Chamberlain Federal Building, Lansing, MI; 2006-2008

  • Chiller Plant Replacement: $519,000 Est. Construction Costs, Constructed May, 2007, Final Punch List Phase.
  • First Impressions Entry & ADA Renovations:$312,000 Construction Costs, Complete 2009
  • Storm/Sanitary Sewer Separation: Construction Pending/Targeted for August, 2007, $232,000 Est. Construction Costs.

U.S. Land Ports of Entry

  • Feasibility Study for New High Security Vault Facility.